Interitas is intended to be a seven book series that will span seven years of Caden Roth’s life, from 14 to 21. It will follow her journey as she grows up amidst incredible upheaval both in her personal world and in the greater world around her, which slowly, inexorably tilts toward an impending apocalyptic battle that only she can prevent.

Each of the books will be satisfying works on their own, with clear beginnings, middles, and ends but infused with a broader mythology and story arcs that will reward series readers and compel them to want to read the next volume.

Every volume will present a new challenge for Caden – a different enemy (or enemies) to face and different mortal threats to overcome in each one.

Volume 1: The Beginning of Sorrows
Caden learns her destiny and the suffering and loss that will come along with it. It introduces the major players, sets up the mythology, and explains the universe in which they are living while telling the story of Caden’s first major battle against an agent of evil – an ancient, supernatural demon disguised as a mortal who wants to kill her and usher forth the apocalypse.

It also sets up a love triangle that will play itself out over the course of the next seven volumes, between Caden, her guardian angel, and a mysterious boy who may be more than he appears.

Volume 2: False Prophets
In this volume we will be starting to reveal the true nature of the people around Caden, many of whom are not what they seem. New characters will be introduced, old ones will reappear in surprising ways, and fresh dangers will present themselves at every turn.

Now used to dealing with supernatural threats, Caden struggles to wrap her mind around the very human threat that is posed in Volume 2 from people in her past and the pasts of those around her.

This volume ends with a devastating twist that will change the audience’s perception of several of the major characters and sets up the primary battle in the third volume.

Future Volumes
I can’t really tell you anything else about volumes 3 through 7 without spoiling things that happen in volumes 1 and 2, but they are all completely plotted out through the very final moment of the last book.