Everyone thought Ioan Burke was the ultimate evil intent on killing Caden, but he was just a pawn in a much larger game played by this master of evil.

From Interitas Volume 2: False Prophets

“Is that what you want? War?”

“It’s what humanity wants,” Dominic replied. “It’s what people tend toward. It’s . . . inevitable. I’m just helping it get here a little sooner.”

“Why tell me this?”

“Because even though I have to kill you tonight, I want you to know that I respect you. I am not the devil, I’m just a man. But in order for there to be men like me, there needs to be men like you. The universe craves balance.”

“Yet you want to throw it out of balance.”

“Yes,” Dominic said. “We’ve been playing this game for too long. As a friend of mine said, at some point there has to be a winner. But I can be a gracious one and have nothing but respect for my opponents. It’s why I have come here to give you a choice.”

“What type of choice?”

“Accept your fate and die with dignity. Or resist and suffer the consequences.”

“What consequences? I’m going to die either way, right?”

“Who says the consequences are for you?” Dominic said, the smile almost visible again.

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