Although he appears to be in his 40s most of the time, Ioan Burke is actually much older – impossibly old, having lived for nearly 1,000 years on Earth and for countless eras in other dimensions before that. He is evil incarnate and he has one primary mission: to find the girl that will lead the army of good and destroy her before she has the chance.

From Interitas Volume 1: The Beginning of Sorrows
He was of an indiscernible age, probably in his late 40s but easily passing for early 30s. His long, flowing jet black hair cascaded in lazy curls several inches past his upturned, lace collar and his eyes were the most crystalline blue she had ever seen. Tall and statured and movie star handsome, his manner was that of kings and princes, all politely formal and proper. He was a perfectly constructed sonnet; rhyming, metered poetry in human form.

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