Caden’s new friend is a troublemaker.

From Interitas Volume 3: Unequaled

“It’s hot,” Zoe said from the beach towel next to her.

“It’s called the sun,” Caden said. “It’s that big glowing orb up in the sky.”

“I got your big glowing orb right here,” Zoe said, giving Caden not one but two upraised middle fingers.

Zoe was the opposite of Caden in a lot of ways – a petite 5’4” where Caden was relatively tall at 5’9”; dark hair and coloring where Caden was a classic tan and blonde combo that turned more than a few heads; prone to snark and bouts of moodiness while Caden was…

Okay, we’re a lot alike too, Caden thought.

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