After the truth about his identity came out, the people in Noah’s life are unable to trust him.

From Interitas Volume 3: Unequaled

But Noah wasn’t Noah. He was Nathan. And he was connected to Dominic through his crazy brother who had killed a lot of people. Noah had tried to explain it all to Jimmy in the days and weeks following the attack last year, assuring him over and over that the reason he had left his family and changed his name was to get away from the madness. He knew it all and it killed him to see his older brother, whom he had worshipped as a kid, get consumed by the insanity that Dominic had infected him with. Noah tried to stay away but no matter how hard he did, it found him. As much as Jimmy was once intrigued by the possibility of Noah, he now knew he needed to stay away. If it found Noah once, it could find him again and Jimmy wouldn’t put Caden in that kind of danger.

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