Caden’s neighbor Mrs. Ferndale is having trouble in her advanced years, something that may become become a problem just when they need her the most.

From Interitas Volume 3: Unequaled

Helga Ferndale was a delightfully kooky neighbor on Troup Square, an unofficial grandmother to everyone who lived there, a busybody who always knew everyone’s business, and a kind soul wrapped up in a thick layer of nuttiness. Caden and everyone else on the square had always been amused by her colorful, offbeat ways and most people, including Caden, thought that she was a few bubbles off plum, as her father used to put it. Sadly, it had turned out that most people were right. Shortly after the new year, Mrs. Ferndale had been diagnosed with dementia and within days had put everything in her house neatly away in closets and under sheets, closed the shutters, locked the doors, and gone to check herself into a memory care center in Pooler, just outside of Savannah. Caden had gone to visit her exactly once, but as with many good intentions, she never went back.

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