Charles has been waiting a long time for just the right moment. It has finally arrived.

From Interitas Volume 3: Unequaled

The spider came in under the heavy steel door where a tiny gap between it and the polished cement floor allowed unfettered access in and out of the prison cell. For a moment, Charles Galworth – not Charlie, not Chuck, and certainly not Chaz – smiled a little, picturing himself shrinking down to the size of a spider and scuttling out the door while the oafish correctional officers on the block stood there picking their noses, unaware that one of the country’s most notorious serial killers was making his escape. Once outside he’d return to his normal, towering size – within a hair’s breadth of six-and-a-half feet and close to 300 pounds of beefy muscle.

Then he could get back to work. Then he could find her and fulfill the destiny that awaited him. He would feast.

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