Dez is starting to fray at the edges and the people around him are noticing.

From Interitas Volume 3: Unequaled

It happened to everyone from time to time; those moments when you are in the middle of a conversation and your brain walks away for a few seconds. Your boss is telling you about the important deadline and you suddenly remember that you need to put pears on the shopping list; your spouse is talking to you and you think about that one time in second grade when Mary Turner tripped you at recess; your friend is talking to you and you wonder if you’re ever going to achieve the kind of success you dreamed about when you were younger and less jaded.

Moments like this happened to everyone, but when they happened to Dez it was different. With him it was unsettling. It was as if he had shut down as efficiently and as quickly as a vacuum cleaner that had its plug pulled. He just wasn’t there.

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