Caden’s teacher and friend may know more about Caden’s world than she has admitted.

From Interitas Volume 3: Unequaled

When Caden walked out of the room, Bridget returned her attention to the banner. It still wasn’t quite right, maybe a quarter of an inch too low on the left side. That wouldn’t bother most people. Heck, that wouldn’t be noticed by most people, but Bridget had one of those eyes that immediately went to things that were even the slightest bit off and those things usually bothered her until they were put right. After a long, unusual life that was filled with things that were often chaotic and not in perfect alignment, Bridget had come to appreciate the idea of order.

You’ll be fifty years old in a couple of weeks, she thought, And you’re finally embracing the idea that life doesn’t have to be a non-stop shit show. Who would’ve thought it?

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