Caden’s Uncle Jimmy maintains his good ol’ boy exterior but it masks a dark past that makes him capable of doing almost anything to protect the people he loves.

From Interitas Volume 2: False Prophets
“I haven’t always been a mild-mannered restaurant owner,” Jimmy continued. “I had a whole other line of work before this. One that gave me opportunities to develop certain . . . skills . . . that have come in handy over the years.”

Jimmy got up and began walking around the table, making sure to stay out of her reach. He could tell she’d take the chance to hurt him if it presented itself.

“I never liked killin’ people,” he went on as he moved around the room slowly. “It wasn’t somethin’ I ever enjoyed, specifically, but I will admit that it was always . . . satisfyin’ . . . on some level. See, the people I was asked to kill, or had to kill for whatever reason, were not what you would call good guys. They tended to prey on people who couldn’t defend themselves, so scrubbin’ them off the face of the earth didn’t pose any sort of moral quandary for me. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

He was behind her now, near the door. She didn’t turn her head, but he could see her watching him in the one-way mirror on the opposite side. The smile was still there. It didn’t bother him. He had dealt with crazier people than this before.

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