Caden’s teacher has become an important figure in her life, providing the kind of reassuring presence that Caden needs on her toughest days.

From Interitas Volume 2: False Prophets

Ms. Ward was one of Caden’s favorites, even though she insisted that all her students call her Bridget. Caden had a tough time doing that. It wasn’t because of her upbringing specifically. While her father had always stressed the importance of being kind and respectful, he was never all that big on manners and decorum. Caden guessed it was just something about being raised in the genteel and somewhat rarified Savannah air, where one’s elders were always called sir and ma’am. Calling a teacher by her first name seemed weird.

Ms. Ward . . . Bridget . . . was in her early forties, but looked ten years younger, with fiery red hair and a classroom presence to match. She wasn’t one of those teachers that just stood and lectured and pointed to the whiteboard and told the students to read chapter six for the answer to whatever question they were asking. Instead, she moved around the room like a prize fighter in a match, always in motion, bobbing, weaving, gesturing, and even jumping and dancing when the occasion called for it. She was boundless energy in front of her students unless she was engaged in a one-on-one conversation, and then she was still, focused, and endlessly compassionate.

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