The former police detective fought on Caden’s side a year earlier but a cruel twist of fate has left her teetering on the brink of evil.

From Interitas Volume 2: False Prophets

The next thing she knew, she was in Savannah, heading toward a confrontation that changed everything. She found Brandon De Carlo, who really was a good guy, of sorts, and helped to protect Caden Roth, the young woman who would someday, hopefully, literally save the world. Anna went to war with the evil, otherworldly Ioan Burke, who somehow managed to survive high-powered rifle blasts and a saber through his midsection—the very saber that had later impaled her.

Anna didn’t understand the mechanics of the whole thing, but she figured it was like a virus, spread through blood. Ioan’s blood had been on that saber, and when she was stabbed with it, his blood mixed with hers. His evil became a part of her.

She felt it growing inside of her as she lay in the hospital. She tried to ignore it, committing fully to helping Caden and her family in the battle against Ioan and his army of followers. But it was there. Pulsating, getting larger each day.

One night several weeks after they had vanquished Ioan, Anna lay awake in Caden’s home and was suddenly seized by the need to slay the girl. She even walked upstairs and put her hand on the doorknob, knowing Caden was asleep on the other side of it—knowing how easy it would be to snap her neck, cut out her heart, and burn the body to ash before anyone knew what had happened.

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