Caden’s 30-something uncle appears to be a “good ol’ boy” from Georgia but underneath the surface is a well of secrets that will forever alter Caden’s life in unexpected ways.

From Interitas Volume 1: The Beginning of Sorrows

In his mid-30s, some 10 years younger than Caden’s father, Jimmy had one of those faces and bodies that could have gotten him regular work as a fitness model. Well, if the fitness model was some sort of prison escapee, Caden always thought. He had dark hair, a permanent bit of scruff on his face (that Caden was sure took him a lot longer to maintain than it seemed), a couple of tattoos visible on his forearms (and more, she guessed, elsewhere), and a jagged scar just below his left knee. The whole thing gave him a wicked bad boy look that surely made ladies everywhere swoon.

And his eyes – they were blue like hers. Not as blue as hers, but close. She hated that.

He talked with what Caden thought was an annoying Southern slacker inflection. She wasn’t really sure why his voice and the way he spoke bugged her but it was just too much of a “good ole’ boy” cadence for her; too informal with someone that he didn’t know well enough to be informal with. She also thought it was weird that, although not as deep as most, he had a thicker Georgia accent than her father did and they both grew up here.

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