14 year old Caden is a fairly well-adjusted, normal girl living in Savannah, Georgia. Although she has had tragedy in her life, she still finds ways to keep her life as average as possible, embracing all of the usual touchstones of a teenage girl’s life including boys, shopping, and friends. Smart, opinionated, independent, and resourceful, Caden is the kind of girl that every parent hopes their daughter will become.

From Interitas Volume 1: The Beginning of Sorrows
Caden was tall for 14, a fraction under 5’8″ but close enough to call it that. She had sandy blonde hair that got lighter the more time she spent in the sun, which we did often during the summer. She had blue eyes although sometimes they seemed to be more greenish depending on what she wore and was slender but still strong, with a natural musculature that was enhanced by her running regimens.

Unlike a lot of girls her age, Caden had a pretty good self-image. She didn’t think she was too skinny or too fat or too tall or too short or too whatever. Although not a straight-A student, she did well in school and what she thought was a pretty well-rounded view of the world, balancing current affairs with pop culture so she could talk easily about both the war in Afghanistan and the latest dumb stuff that the Kardashians did.

She knew she wasn’t perfect – she wouldn’t be running for homecoming queen any time soon, which isn’t to say that homecoming queens are necessarily perfect but they certainly are held to a higher standard of pretty and poise, words that made Caden itch when she thought about them for too long. Like most people (not just kids) she had her moments of self-doubt and self-consciousness, but for the most part she considered herself pretty okay. She was just a normal, average girl.

Or at least that’s what she wanted to be.

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