Incredibly smart and extraordinarily gifted, Anna progresses from a respected homicide detective to a demon hunter and becomes a champion for Caden in the process.

From Interitas Volume 1: The Beginning of Sorrows
Language was important to her. Her parents were immigrants to the United States, having made the journey from China to San Francisco when Anna was little more than a concept, the child they wanted to have someday. Their command of the English language was tenuous at best, a situation that did not improve much even after decades of living in America.

It embarrassed Anna, as did the store her parents owned. They sold all manner of exotic herbs packaged as mystical, Far East potions that could supposedly do everything from cure the common cold to make someone fall in love with you. They weren’t scam artists—they actually believed in all of the hoodoo that had been passed down to them through generations, including the ability to read minds, see the future, and communicate with the dead.

She was not the only child of Asian descent in her school and certainly not the only one whose parents counted English as their second language, but she still felt a blush of shame whenever they tried to talk with her teachers or the Caucasian parents of her friends. To Anna, not having a better grasp of the native language of the country in which they resided was an insult to the very people who had welcomed them as one of their own.

So language, words, and turns of phrase became fascinating to her. English was her favorite subject, and she spent the bulk of her free time exploring its nuances by reading, listening, and researching. Language gave her a sense of power and comfort that were almost palpable. It gave her life context and made the world make a little more sense.

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